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A little boy brust into

A little boy brust into his
parent"s room one night
and was astonished by
what he found his mother
doing to his father."Bunty!"he told a friend at
school next morning,
"and to think i get
punishments for just
sucking my thumb."Read Details

what is the differenceBetween a

what is the difference
Between a new husband & a new dog?"After a year the dog is still
excited to see u."Read Details

Little Santa to his mother:"mummy:aaj

Little Santa to his mother:
"mummy:aaj papa ne bus
mein mujhe kaha ki apni
seat sammne khadi lady ko
de do,aur maine de di!"
Mummy:Beta ...tumne
bahut accha kiya:
Santa:"magar mummy main to papa ki goad
per baitha hua thaa!"Read Details