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Colourful Happy Holi Facebook
Colourful Happy Holi Facebook

Colourful Happy Holi Facebook

Happy Teddy Day
Happy Teddy Day

Happy Teddy Day

A friends is one who........... • Understand

A friends is one who...........

•	Understand that you're sad and feeling upset, even if you're smiling outside.
•	Makes amazing desserts and surprises!
•	Makes u happy when u r totally broken :)
•	who just don't care about you but do the most
•	Is always there to hug you and make things alright!
•	Finds his happiness in your happiness :)
•	eats up all your food, after you are full
•	b34; Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down b35; 
•	Is a friend! Without reason... That's when friendship can survive :-) with unconditional love while delving into knowledge!
•	always insult you, embarrass you and cuss you in every single minute but stands before you in your all miseries
•	Pulls your leg but when you need him... he's always there for you!
•	Does not wish you Happy Friendship Day.
•	Says everything but means nothing & sometimes says nothing & means everything.
•	Will hold your hands during your lows and pull you out from it.
•	Always laugh when you cry, clicks a photo and post it on facebook.
•	Clicks all kinds of pictures of yours and only uploads the good ones :)
•	loves & respects u unconditionally
•	is humble enough to re-connect with u even after prolonged silence
•	Walks in when the rest of the world walks out.
•	Doesn’t wish you, Happy Friendship Day yet makes sure he/she stands by your side always. ;)
•	cares more for you than your girlfriend does
•	Gives an advice but will never follow his own advice.
•	Just Smiles and conveys thousands of words. :-)
•	Never leaves an opportunity to add insult to your injury!
•	Will say "see your best friend" when you come across a person you do not like.
•	Screams weird things, when you are on a call with your parents/crush!
•	is as insane as you're
•	Can communicate with u with just face expressions.
•	Holds your hand and helps put your life in place.
•	Tolerates all your anger first, then eventually makes you smile!
•	Is there for you even when you don't need him/her.
•	Will talk about your strengths in front of all, but about your weaknesses with only yourself!
•	is loves putting you in a fix in public but ends up being a life-saver too, always
•	Is just a friend, who doesn’t expect to b something more or less? who neither sees u as opportunity nor as threat"
•	Loves you with all your imperfections! :')
•	Is not afraid to shout at you when you're wrong.
•	Is never keeping a secret from you...
•	tolerates all my stupidity at any odd hour
•	Can turn your World around by just being there. :-)
•	Supports you in being crazy, idiotic, silly and KICKASS, all in one breathe!
•	Is good at bringing you up when you're down and can make you laugh uncontrollably.
•	Would first wish you International Beer Day and then Friendship's Day!
•	Calls you at 3am & asks are you sleeping??
•	Laughs when you fall & abuses others when they push you!
•	Believes in you when you have stopped believing in yourself.
•	Has an inevitable smile on her face even when she wants to kill you.
•	Laughs on your bad jokes & proves everyone that you are not the only fool.....
•	Pretends everytime that they forgot your birthday, just to give u a big surprise in the end!
•	Is Ur mirror, WHICH shows your best reflection?
•	make fun of your girl friend/boyfriend in your presence...:p
•	Understand that you're sad and feeling upset, even if you're smiling outside.
•	Who just don't care about you but do the most.
•	Understands, cares, has the guts to show you your flaws and mistakes and yet love you like you are perfect!!
•	Makes fun of the accident u had. when everyone else are pouring their sympathies.
•	Is always ready to kick your butt, but when someone messes with you, he is more than ready to kick his butt! :P
•	sees the first tear, catches the second....and stops the thirdb29;
•	Starts appreciating Tusshar Kapoor's acting just because, for the time being, you've appreciated it.
•	Understands what you want without even asking.
•	Won’t get embarrassed if you do something stupid, they'll join in: D
•	threatens you that he'll disclose all your secrets to your parents but actually he never does

Friends facts Wishes And Message, Friends facts WhatsApp Picture Sticker