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Everyone is not my Friend,...But my Friends are not like Everyone:)
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Sari achhi batein Shakespeare hi nahi kehta,
Kabhi meri Bi sun liya karo.
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Life is little harami & we are little haramkhors too..
When we find sum 1 whose haramkhori is matching ours, we fall into mutual haramipanti & call it friendship;):p:)
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I asked to god why my friend is so sweet so Bequtiful, So kind hearted, So Gorgeous?

He said Ye Sangat ka asar hai, jaise tum vaise tumhara dost
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Subedar Lehna Singh and Subedar Imamdin were in the same regiment in the British Indian Army. They were inseparable friends and spent their evenings drinking together. The partition separated them as Subedar Imamdin was absorbed in the Pakistan Army. To keep his friend's memory alive Subedar Lehan Singh always filled two glasses with rum and water and sipped from each alternately!
When somebody asked him why he did so, he explained: 'This glass is Imamdin's; this one is mine. So I take a sip from each - one on behalf of Imamdin, the other for myself.'
Suddenly one evening Subedar Lehna Singh was seen with only one glass on his table. He was asked what had happened. He replied, 'You see, I have given up drinking but Imamdin has not. So I have put away my glass and drink only on behalf of my friend.'
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Maine pani mai ek sikka dala,
or bhagwan se pyara se ek dost ki khwahish ki,
aur mujhe aap mil gaye or haan

saath mai ek awaj aayi
ek rupaye mai aisi hi milta hai
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