Friendship time-pass Wishes And Messages, Friendship time-pass WhatsApp Picture Sticker

Age 2 Yrs..Nurse Ko ankh

Age 2 Yrs..Nurse Ko ankh mare..

Age 3 Yrs..Uncle ki Cigarette lay kar bhagaa

Age 4 Yrs..ghar walon ki naak mein dum

Age 5 Yrs..Neighbours ki bell Baja ke bhagaaa..

Age 6 mein Teacher ko line mari..

Age 7 Yrs...exam mein cheating karni seekhi

Age 8 Yrs...Papa ki Pocket se Purse gayab...

Age 9 Yrs...Pirated cd's Ka dhaanda...

Age 10 Yrs...Papa Ki car Road pe..

Age 11 Yrs...Road waley apney apney Gharoon per..

Age 12 Yrs...raat ko subah, subah ko raat....

Age 13 jana shuru

Age 14 yrs...padosi ki beti Le kar Faraar...

Age 15 Yrs...Cigarettes ki duniya ka baadshah..

Age 16 mein admission

Age 17 Yrs...Whisky&Vodka ki dunya mein new name..

Age 18 yrs...ab shareef hogaya hooon!koi shrarat nahin karta
So NoW MAKe Me uR GD fRn.

Meaning of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P F" is for

Meaning of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P

F" is for Fun....That friends share when they are together.

"R" is for Reliability....A true friend is someone that you can always rely on.

"I" is for Interest....Someone who is genuinely interested in you, your fears, joys, and life.

"E" is for Energy....They pick you up when you are down, and give you the energy to go on and believe in yourself.

"N" is for Nothing....Nothing is ever too much, no matter what time it is, night or day.

"D" is for Distance....Although the miles may separate you, a true friend is never far away.

"S" is for Secrets....Your feelings and personal/private thoughts that you can only share with a friend.

"H" is for Happiness....The way I feel when we are together.

"I" is for Inseparable....Through good times and bad, tears and laughter. A friend will always be there for you.

"P" is for Perfect...