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"There is always someone in everyone's life whose mood affects your mood..!!"

Keep smiling..:)

Good morning. .
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sirf aapke liye kyunki...
Din hai suhana aaj ..
Meetha h khana aaj kuch meetha ho jaye....

Good Morning
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GooD MoRnInG

lo cha piyo
;;; ;;;
c("") c("")
"""' """'
cup aur plate dho ke wapas karna
kal fir pilayenge... Hav a gr8 dAy.
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Baahr aa jao, i am standing outside ur home... Kisi bhi bahane se pls.. its a rqst 4 u
My name is SUN... I just came 2 say "Gud Mrng ''
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when i dont get ur sms,
A little pain in my heart,
a small tear in my eyes,
and sadness falls on my face,
this is called
true n honest

'Good Morning'
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MOON IS Doobing,
SUN is Oogging
BIRDS are chilaying
HENs are kukdukuing
FLOWERS r Khusbuing

PECOCK is naaching and

all are kanhing

God morning ...!!!
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From 20 to 30
If aman lives right,
It's once in the morning,
And twice at night.
From 30 to 40
If he still lives right,
He misses a morning,
And something a night.
From 40 to 50
It's just now and then.
From 60 to 70
He's slighgly decline,
But don't let kid you,
It's still on his mind.
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