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Universal truth : Kaamyabi "toilet" ki

Universal truth :
Kaamyabi "toilet" ki smell ki tarah hoti hai !!
Bardasht tabhi hoti hai...Jab Apni ho.Read Details

Some hidden facts: 1) 90% of

Some hidden facts:
1) 90% of people in Australiadon't
drink milk.
2) Snake's vision... is up to 5 km....
3) A man can touch sun if hisbody is
completely surrounded by mercury. 4) No twins have been born up till
now in Greenland.
5) Zebra doesn’t have a liver.
6) All the above details are false.
7) Thanks for believing for a while.
8)Today is not April 1st. 
9)But a fool is a fool on any day. :DRead Details