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Lalu : Itane sare log

Lalu : Itane sare log football ko lath kyou mar rahe hai?
Sardar : Gol karne ke liye.
Lalu : Sasura gol hi to hai aur kitna gol karenge

Bush: Tujhe swimming aati hai? Laaloo:

Bush: Tujhe swimming aati hai?
Laaloo: No!

Bush:Tere se kutta acha hai jo swim kar leta hai.
Laaloo: Tujhe aati hai.

Laaloo: Fir tere mein aur kutte mein kya farak hai

A CHILD'S PLAY After completing

After completing a jigsaw puzzle, he'd been working, on for quite some time, Laloo prouldy showed off his finished handiwork to a friend. 
'It took me only five monts to do it.' bragged laloo.
'Five months? That's too long,' exclaimed his friend.
'You are a fool. See this puzzle, it is written "for 4-7 years",' replied Laloo.

Lalu Goes 2A Shop &

Lalu Goes 2A Shop & Asks:
A Bandarva Ka Photu Kitne Ka He Re?
Shopkepper: Woh Phutwa Nahin Sahib
Wo To Seesa (Mirror) He!

लालू जी : अपने पी

लालू जी : अपने पी ऐ से । इतने खिलाड़ी क्यो फुठबल को लात मार रहे है ।
पी ऐ : गोल करने के लिए
लालू जी : सुसरा , बाल तो पहले से ही गोल है और कितना गोल करेंगे

While on a personal visit

While on a personal visit to Las vegas, LaLoo wanted to talk to his wife’ but he afraid to disturb her. So he picked up the phone and asked the long distance telephone operater ‘ Could u please tell me the time differance between patna and Las vegas”
Opertor: just a minute sir.....
Laloo: Thank u and put the phone down