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Lalu : Itane sare log football ko lath kyou mar rahe hai?
Sardar : Gol karne ke liye.
Lalu : Sasura gol hi to hai aur kitna gol karenge
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Bush: Tujhe swimming aati hai?
Laaloo: No!

Bush:Tere se kutta acha hai jo swim kar leta hai.
Laaloo: Tujhe aati hai.

Laaloo: Fir tere mein aur kutte mein kya farak hai
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After completing a jigsaw puzzle, he'd been working, on for quite some time, Laloo prouldy showed off his finished handiwork to a friend.
'It took me only five monts to do it.' bragged laloo.
'Five months? That's too long,' exclaimed his friend.
'You are a fool. See this puzzle, it is written "for 4-7 years",' replied Laloo.
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Lalu Goes 2A Shop & Asks:
A Bandarva Ka Photu Kitne Ka He Re?
Shopkepper: Woh Phutwa Nahin Sahib
Wo To Seesa (Mirror) He!
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लालू जी : अपने पी ऐ से । इतने खिलाड़ी क्यो फुठबल को लात मार रहे है ।
पी ऐ : गोल करने के लिए
लालू जी : सुसरा , बाल तो पहले से ही गोल है और कितना गोल करेंगे
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