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Pappu Kumar ' English Sekhny Angrez k pass
America gaya...
2 Months k bad Wapis aaya to Usy
angrez ki...
Call aayi. !!!
Pappu: Kaun Speaking ...??
Angrez: abbbbbbeeee kamine Hum
Bolat hai OBAMA ...
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"Hi, what r u doing Darling?"
Wife: I'm dying..!
Husband jumps with joy but types "Sweet
Heart, how can I live without U?"
Wife: "U idiot! I'm dying my hair.."

Husband: "Bloody English Language!
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English and Hindi saying always Contradict: (y)

Eng: The sooner the better.
Hin: Jaldi ka kaam shaitaan ka hota hai..X_X

Eng: Think of the devil, and the devil is here.
Hin: Badi lambi umar hai tumhari, abhi tumhe hi yaad kar rahe the..

Eng: Dont wait, fight for ur rights.
Hin: Sabar ka fal meetha hota hai:x


the best one:

Eng: As wise as an owl.
Hin: Ullu ka pattha! =D
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Killing English... Long hai par Read It :D

1. Principal To Student..." I Saw U Yesterday Rotating Near Girls Hostel Pulling Cigarette... ? "
2. Class Teacher Once Said :" Pick Up The Paper And Fall In The Dust bin!!!"
3. Once Hindi Teacher Said...."I'm Going Out Of The World To America.."
5. Don't..Laugh At The Back Benches... Otherwise Teeth And All Will Be Fallen Down.....
6. It Was Very Hot In The Afternoon When The Teacher Entered.. She Tried To Switch The Fan On, But There Was Some Problem. And Then She Said " Why Is Fan Not Oning" (Ing Form Of On)
7. Teacher In A Furious Mood... Write Down Ur Name And Father Of Ur Name!!
8. "Shhh... Quiet... The Principal Is Revolving Around College"
9. My Manager Started Like This "Hi, I Am Madhu, Married With Two Kids"
10. "Will U Hang That Calendar Or Else I'll HANG MYSELF"
12. Chemistry HOD Comes And Tells Us... "My Aim Is To Study My Son And Marry My Daughter"
13. Tomorrow Call Ur Parents Especially Mother And Father
14. "Why Are You Looking At The Monkeys Outside When I Am In The Class?!"
15. Lab Assistant Said This When My Friend Wrote Wrong Code.. "I Understand. You Understand. Computer How Understand??
16. Seeing The Principal Passing By, The Teacher Told The Noisy Class.. "Keep Quiet, The Principal Has Passed Away"
17. Once Teacher Told "If U Talk So Loudly I Will Stand Uping U"
18. Teacher To Students:don't Spit Outside, The Understanding People Will Suffer
19. I Have 3 Daughters, All Are Girl lolz itni mistakes karte hai aur apne aap ko Teacher bolte hai :
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Killing English*
"Hey, Fruit walay Baba, give me some Potatoes
Fruit wala: Oo meri Behan ye 'Potatoes Fever'
kya hota hai?
Oo Maye Gaad, You Literacy People,
PotatoesFever means "Aaloo Bukhara!
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