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A 60 yr old Billionaire came to the Bar with his Sexy 25 yr old Wife!

Friend: How did she Marry u.?

Man: I lied about my age !

Frnd: U said 45 ?

Man: No ! I said 90.
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Marriage is a sacred union
of two sincere persons
to help each other
in realisation of life's meaning.
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In 1970

Groom demands Radio in dowery

in the 1980
Demands TV Set

In 1990
Demands for Bike

in the 2000
Demands Car

and now in 2010
Just only bride ( without any Boyfriend )
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कुवारेँ की जिन्दगी AIRTEL की तराँ है"ऐसी आजादी और कहाँ,

मगनी के बाद जिन्दगी Spice की तरह है Wife hai to life hai,

शादी के बाद जिन्दगी रिलाँयस की तरह है रहो पत्नी की मुटठी में,

बेटा होने के बाद जिन्दगी Hutch की तरह है जहाँ जाए आप वहाँ पहुचेँ नेटवरक,

और अंत में Bsnl की तरह...............The subcriber is not Reachable
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A beggar- ‘Oh sundari ! Andha hoon.
Sawa paanch rupya de de..
“Husband said 2 his wife- De de, tujhe
sundari bola hai to har haal mein andha hai…”
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Q: If marriages are made in heaven,
than what are made in Hell?

Answer: The days after marriage!
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Love is one long sweet dream,
and marriage is the alarm clock
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A little kid asks, "Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?" "No idea" he replied, "I am still paying for it..."
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shaadi karni thi
par kismat khuli

taj mahal
banana tha par
mumtaj mili
ek din
kismat khuli
shadi huyi, ab
taj banana
marti nahin
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Marriage is a three ring circus: an engagement ring, a wedding ring, and suffering
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