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you will definitely succeed in your life. if you follow all the advices that you give to others.
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करो सोने के सौ टुकडे तो क़ीमत कम नहीं होती.
मुझे बचपन में ये सीख दी है मेरी मम्मी ने,
बुज़ुर्गों की दुआ लेने से इज्ज़त कभी कम नहीं होती.
जरूरतमंद को कभी देहलीज से ख़ाली ना लौटाओ,
भगवन के नाम पर देने से दौलत कम नहीं होती.
पकाई जाती है रोटी जो मेहनत के कमाई से,
हो जाए गर बासी तो भी लज्ज़त कम नहीं होती
याद करते है अपनी हर मुसीबत में जिन्हें हम
गुरु और प्रभु के सामने झुकने से गर्दन नीचे नहीं होती
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Whenever you are in a position to help someone,
Just do it & be glad,
Bcoz God is answering someoneís prayers through you.
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A good person will always be in memory!
A better person will always be in dreams!
But the best person will always be in HEART! Without any rent
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The people who are suffering with serious disease like attitude........
Can't say sorry to other's at any cost and they can't even forgive others too......!!
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There r two kinds of people, those who do the work
those who take the credit.
Try to be in the first group;
there is less competition....
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'इंसान' एक दुकान है, और 'जुबान' उसका ताला;
जब ताला खुलता है, तभी मालुम पड़ता है;
कि दूकान 'सोने' कि है, या 'कोयले' की!
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Best line:-
don't believe in 'TIT FOR TAT RULE'
coz u cant bite a dog who has bitten u..
Dnt spoil ur level jst 2 teach othrs a moral !!
Stay Precious -:)
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There is no gud or bad in dis world but thinking makes it so.
What people call
'SUFFOCATION' in a local train, becomes
'ATMOSPHERE' in a Disco.. :-D
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1baar 5 frog decide krte hai ki ek sath kudenge
Fir 3 tk ginti krake kudne lagte h or dekhte h k koi nai kudta.

Moral: Deciding & Doing are not same thing. Its true...
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When u feel God is rubbing u against da rocks, don't think that u will ruin down 2 dust, it's just that he is polishing a gem, coz u are precious
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Hum Ko Kya Badlega Zamana, Hum To Zamane Ko Badalne Ka Zazba Rakhte Hain, Hoke Zamin Ke Khakh, Aasmaan Chhune Ka Hosla Rakhte Hain
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