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5 years old boy :-I Love u Mom.
MoM :- Awww ! I Love u Too..

16 years Old Boy :-I Love u Mom.
MoM :- Sorry ! I Have No... Money...

25 years Old Boy :- I Love u Mom.
Mom :- Kon hai ? Kahan rehti hai wo ?
Moral : Maa Sab Janti hai But the Best is

35 yr old man : mom I love you ...
Mom : beta pehle hi bola tha uss chudel se shadi mat kar na...And the best one...
45 yr old man : mom i love you..... mom:beta mai koi bhi paper sign nahi karugi...
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Questn paper of a 5th class-

Write n essay about ur MOTHER in 200 words. Given time half an hour.
A boy finished the paper in first minute itself.
He just wrote one sentence, but he got full marks.
That one sentence was-
"Any combination of 26 alphabets can never explain my MOTHER"
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माँ: बेटा खाना खायेगा ?
बेटा: नहीं,
माँ: बेटा लड्डू खायेगा ?
बेटा: नहीं,
माँ: बेटा मिठाई खायेगा ?
बेटा: नहीं,
माँ: बेटा आइसक्रीम खायेगा ?
बेटा: नहीं,
माँ: बिलकुल बाप पर गया है ....... थप्पड़ ही खायेगा .....!!
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Maa-Beta pappu Apple Khaoge,

Pappu- Nahi....!

Maa-Beta Mango Khaoge.......?

Pappu: Nahi

Maa- Beta Orange Khaoge.....?

Pappu - Nahi



Maa- Kaminey Tu Bilkul Baap Par Gaya Hai,
Chappal Hi Khayega..
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Grmi shuru hone k chnd laxan:
Pasina ana,
Grmi lgna,
n most intrstng 1:
Mumy ki awaz
"Kmbkhto..Thnda pani pite ho..Botal b bhr k rkh diya kro"
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