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It takes a mother's patience

It takes a mother's patience 
To bring a child up right, 
And her courage and her cheerfulness 
To make a dark day bright.
It takes a mother's thoughtfulness 
To mend the heart's deep "hurts," 
And her skill and her endurance 
To mend little socks and shirts. 
It takes a mother's kindness 
To forgive us when we err, 
To sympathize in trouble 
And bow her head in prayer. 
It takes a mother's wisdom 
To recognize our needs 
And to give us reassurance 
By her loving words and deeds. 
It takes a mother's endless faith, 
Her confidence and trust 
To guide us through the pitfalls 
Of selfishness and lust. And 
that is why in all this world 
There could not be another 
Who could fulfill God's purpose 
As completely as a Mother

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