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Rotary Club xxxx thanks

Rotary Club xxxx  thanks all the Facebook friends ... different clubs from all around the world, all Rotarians, rotaracts, interacts and other clubs and persons for their friends request.. acceptance. and sharing their posts and activities with us. We thank all of you for liking and sharing our posts. 
We have a common mission that working together for the betterment of humanity,societies and for the world. 

Let's keep the light on and light up the worldRead Details

We not only knows the

We not only knows the value of HUMANITY and SERVICE !!!!!!!
We also know the value of FRIENDSHIP and ENJOYMENT !!!!!!!
We celebrated our club member XYZ YXZi birthday @ Midnight and enjoyed the Taste of ABCABC (movie)

Received Award as a President

Received Award as a President 2013-14 on behalf of Rotary Club ,from the District Governor 2013-14 Rtn. XYX on 27th of July ,2014 for '' CLUB BUILDERS AWARD '' which was duly forwarded by ROTARY INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT Ron D. Burton in recognition of the Dedication and Commitment demonstrated in achieving the goal of strengthening the ROTARY CLUBS.Read Details

DG Releasing the Rotaract Handbook

DG Releasing the Rotaract Handbook and Interact Handbook. 

Thanks to Light up President Rtn. abc for sponsoring this handbook.

ABC Interact Club  xyz  chair receiving the first copyRead Details

Thanks to All My team

Thanks to All My team members Especially Rtn abc for all the works. It was nice working with you allRead Details

Installation Ceremony of Rotary Club ...

Installation Ceremony of Rotary Club

... Heartly Thanks Rtn DG xxx and Rtn DGE xxx  for giving their valuable time and inspiring words.

Thanks to all the other dignities, President and Secretaries of allied clubs who grace the occasion by their presence, thanks to our well wishes and our family member who supported us and special thanks to Rtn xx  and Rtn xx for their support.

All the members who performed well last year was awarded and the venue was superbly decorated all credit to Rtn xx, Rtn xx and Rtn abc. New members reflect their enthusiasm and hopefully the coming year will light up "City" and state/country.

Lets bring a change together .. Light Up RoatryRead Details

Thank you so much bro

Thank you so much bro , not possible without your supportRead Details

My sincere thanks to all

My sincere thanks to all the Lighting Presidents, Assistant Governors, District offices, youth and international service directors of our district for making the workshop a truly purposeful and successful.Read Details