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a little bird wamted to

a little bird wamted to fly 
in the summer,in the rain
but she could just watch the flying birds through the window pane.
her owner loved her much,
may be he was such.
days passed,weeks passed
months passed,years passed
but she had never got chance
to visit sky and do dance
one day
the cage was opened
the pane was absent
and the bird flew out
and made her friend
she flew
she chirped
she danced
she enjoyed
she was caught again
by the same
now she have to left
the beautiful sky
to shrink her wings
and not to fly
she is in cage
in the books,in the page
even then she belives
that one day
someone will come and
take her away
but today she is alone
her cheers have gone
now she can't flew
she can't chirp
she can't enjoy
she can't dance
she want to die
but she is still living

......NO ONE KNOWS....

Alisha sharma

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