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On the way lungs all airways are lined with a sticky substance called mucus.
It's there to mop up things like bacteria, viruses and particles of dust and dirt from the air.
The linings of our lunch have tiny thread-like projections. 
They all beat in the same direction thereby creating a current which pushes the mucus out of our lungs and up to our stomach where stomach acid kills all the bacteria.
But if due to some reason (infection) phlegm is produced in excess, then body gets rid of it through coughing.
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THE MIDNIGHT SUN In the arctic


In the arctic and Antarctic region around mid-summer when the sun sets, it does not go below the horizon throughout the 24 hours. It reaches the horizon and begging to climb again.
The sun may be seen at midnight too. 
This is due to the inclination of earth's axis to the plane of orbit.
In northernmost parts of Norway there is no sunset from approximately mid April to mid August.	
Due to this Norway popularly known as the land of midnight sun". In the Southern hemisphere, the phenomenon is seen in Antarctica.
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PEDOLOGY Pedology is the scientific discipline


Pedology is the scientific discipline concerned with all aspects of soils.
0It is one of two main branches of soil science, the other being edaphology.
Pedology deals with soil formation, classification, physical and chemical properties of soils, and role of organisms in soil production. 
Edaphology studies the way soils influence plants, fungi, and other living things.
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