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Ap ko meri taraf se or mere tmam frnd ki taraf se or mere chahne walo ki taraf se.Or sare hindustan kh taraf se
aj kis bat ki badhai...
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Garmi bahut hai- / """ """

Fresh FROOTY ka dabba bheja hai..
Just for u
Khali hai.!
Phoonk maar kr "pataka" bja lena. Hawa ayegi:-D
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बंटी- मम्मी मुझे पांच रूपये दो।
मां- क्यों? बंटी- स्कूल में लेट गया था,
इसलिए फाइन लगा है।
मां (डांटते हुए) - स्कूल में पढने जाता है या लेटने।
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Once my cousin, who was expecting her second child, was advising her son Raju to be a good boy and drink his glass of milk. But Raju insisted on taking tea. When repeated efforts failed, his mother tried to cajole him and asked, 'Raju, would you like me to give you a brother or a sister?'
'I would like to have a sister,' replied Raju.
'If you want to have a sister, you better drink your milk. If you take tea, you will get a brother.'
'Mummy, what would I get if I take coffee?' asked Raju.
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बेटा-माँ एक चवन्नी देदो।
बेटा-स्कूल में लेट गया था,इसलिए अध्यापक ने चवन्नी का दंड लगाया है।
मॉ-तुम स्कूल में पढने जाते हो या लेटने?
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