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Question :-what is love and

Question :-what is love and explain in details ?................... (40 marks)
USA's Student.......
Answer: Love is life.
... (marks : 10 from 40)
UK's Student...... Answer : Love is pain.
... ( marks : 10 from40)
Indian Student........
Answer :
- Definition:
A serious disorder of heart due to relationship between men & women that can cause death of 1 or both depending on the resistance associated
1 sided & 2 sided
- AGE:
Usually occurs in teenages but nowdays can be found in any age
Phone Addiction
Anti-LOVE therapy by Father's Shoe
Mother's Sandal......
(marks 40 from 40) Excellent !
N.B :- Don't ask Indian students , they can stretch any thing for 40 marks !

Qualities of an Ideal STUDENT

Qualities of an Ideal STUDENT : 

CONSISTENCY : Once a Zero, always a Zero!
VOICE MODULATION : Attendance in 5 different voices.
STAMINA : Tolerating teacher for consecutive 1 hour 
PERIPHERAL VISION: Staring at your crush, no matter where so ever he/she sits 
HUMANITY : Failing and keeping the consistency of giving others a chance to top! 
SENSE OF HUMOR : Provide best unintentional humour to teachers during Viva 
TALENT : Make whole class laugh no matter how tense is the situation

पिता : कैसा रहा तुम्हारा

पिता : कैसा रहा तुम्हारा पेपर??

बेटा : बस पहला सवाल छूट गया!!

पिता : अच्छा? और बाकी??

बेटा : तीसरा मुझे आता नहीं था... चौथा करना भूल गया.. पाँचवा मुझे नज़र
नहीं आया और छटा पेपर कीपिछली तरफ था, मैने देखानहीं!!

पिता (गुस्से में) : और दूसरे सवाल का क्या किया??

बेटा : बस वो ही ग़लत हो गया!!

Kal raat book meri taraf

Kal raat book meri taraf dekhti rhi,
aur nind mujhe apni taraf khichti rhi
Nind ka jhoka mera man moh gaya
or kal raat fir ek honhar student bina padhe so gaya..

राजू : आन्सर शीट पर

राजू : आन्सर शीट पर सबसे पहले क्या लिखूं?

पप्पू : यह की इस शीट पर लिखे गए आन्सर काल्पनिक है जिनका किसी भी किताब से कोई सम्बन्ध नहीं है!

अध्यापक- OXFORD का मतलब क्या

अध्यापक- OXFORD का मतलब क्या है?
छात्र- OX मतलब बैल, 
FORD मतलब गाड़ी,

तो OXFORD मतलब बैलगाड़ी

Movie titles related to engg

Movie titles related to engg students:
exams – socha na tha,
classes – kabhi kabhi,
question papers – na tum jano na hum,
copying – yaarana,
maths2 – asambhav,
maths1 – mission impossible,
environmental sciences – pyar mein kabhi kabhi,
1st semester – kuch to hai,
2nd semester – yeh kya ho raha hai,
distinction – kal ho na ho,
1st class – raju bangaya gentleman,
2nd class – dil mange more
fail – phir milenge

Students k Dard ko University

Students k Dard ko University Kya Jane
College K Riwajon ko Parents Kya Jane
Hoti hai Kitni Taqlif 1 Paper Likhne Main
Wo Paper Check Karne Wala Kya Jane….

In a examination hall, a girl

In a examination hall,
a girl asks a boy sitting
on d desknxt to her "mujhe is ans ki starting batade baaki main likh loongi"
boy says..........."THE"

एक बार चोर चोरी करने

एक बार चोर चोरी करने के लिए रात में एक घर में घुसे।
उन्होने सारा कीमती सामान बटोरा और भागने लगे।
तभी घर का बच्चा जागा और चोर से बोला- अंकल, 
मेरा स्कूल बैग भी ले जाआ,
वरना सब को जगा दूंगा।

LOVING DAUGHTER A desan's daughter

A desan's daughter took admission in a college and was to live in a co-ed dormitory. THe desan was very worried and warned her daughter that she would die if she ever found out that her daughter had male visitors in her room.
One Friday night, the desan kept on calling her daughter's dormitory. Shewas not there. The desan got worried. Finally at 1 o'clock she got hold of her daughter and asked angrily, 'Where were you?'
'Mom, I was visiting a boy's room, so that his mother dies and not you.'