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Never Laugh At your wife's choices.

You are one of Them.... :)
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एक भक्त की तपस्या से खुश होकर प्रभु बोले, बोल बच्चा क्या चाहिय?

भक्त बोलाः प्रभु धरती से आसमान तक सडक बना दो।
प्रभुः मुश्किल है, कोई और वर मांगो।
भक्तः प्रभु पत्नियों को समझदार, सुशील और शांत बना दो।
प्रभुः सडक सिंगल बनाउ या डबल?
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Indian wife sanskaro wali hoti hain,
vo sabke samne apne pati ko
\' Abey Gadhe\' nahi kahti isliye
short me kehti hain \' A.G \'sunte ho...
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My wife looks much younger than her years. I have all along been attributing her youthful appearance to her genealogy and my loving care. But recently, Air Marshal Trevor Osman F, a former vice-chief of the Air Staff informed me that I am in good company. He made this frofound observation: 'The Generals' private cars and wives have two things in common; they are bothwell maingained and sparingly used!'
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How woman calls their husband in first 6 years
Yr 1.Jaanu
Yr 2.O G.
Yr 3.Sunte ho?
Yr 4.O bunty k pappa
Yr 5.Kahan mar gaye?
Yr 6.Tum aate ho k main aaon?
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