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Looking Jewellery Software!
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Jewelry Accounting with Billing Software

The way to keep up to date accounts without any tension. It is useful accounting software for Jewelry Business as Gold, Silver, Un-Tensil Merchant,  Gold and Diamond Showroom. This software helps into handling the stock of old/new Gold & Silver and Jadau & Simple Ornaments of these Mattel and Un-tensil.


It is little known but is a fact, that the most complicated and intricate 'Jadav' or diamond & minakari handwork in Jewellery, had been the original tradition of Bikaner. Mr. Bajrang Soni, the President of Bikaner Jewellery Association or Sarafa Samiti, explains that the diamonds are a very precious stones and using them in Jewellery is a streneous and complicated process. It is called
The oldest jewellery tradition of Bikaner 'Jadau' work. The total process need much handwork and caution. Suppose, 4-5 diamonds are to be fitted in a necklace, it needs a whole day to compete the job. Though this type of Jewellery is created in Jaipur, Ahmedabad and other cities but this tradition belongs to Bikaner which is its home and the people from the place had shifted to Other places.
The speciality of 'jadau' handwork is the oldest one but still remains the choice of jewellery lovers. Others may do this 'Jadau' & Meenakari on Jewellery but there is no match still of Bikaner where 15000 people are engaged in creating the excellence in jewellery with diamonds which is possible only by using pure 24 carate gold. This traditional jewellery includes 'Tewata or Timaniya' (Necklace) 'Bangari', 'Gajre', different type of 'Kare' used by male as women use Bangles. Peacock type Kare or ornaments used over head traditionally by women. When diamond work is completed, the meenakari starts. Thus, the type of
diamond used jewellery or 'Jadau' work, is time consuming and labour oriented job. He feels that it is strange that even traders of Jewellery are unaware of the origin of this grand craft handwork of Bikaner and its unique quality. Also to watch out for is the cost advantage to the shoppers in Bikaner which is as high as 20% as compared to purchasing done from other big cities.
Mr. Amit Soni of Kirshan Jewellers feels that Bikaner is rich in its cultural heritage where the residents playing an important role in safeguarding the unique tradition over the decades.

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