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Junagarh Fort (1.5 K.M. form the center of the city)

It is one of the interesting sights of Bikaner; You can see numerous places the Fort. The fort was founded by the sixth ruler of Bikaner state, namely Lord Rai Singh, in 1589 A.D., who was one of the distinguished generals of the Mugal Emperor ‘Akbar, the great’. Additions to this fort were made by difference successors. It forms a quadrangle with a perimeter of 986 meters (1,078 years) it has 37 Bastions, a strong curtain wall and nine meter wide moat. There are two entrances: one is in the east and the other in the west. The eastern entrance is southern rampart were damaged during the attack by jodhpur army in 1973 A.D., cannon balls fired by them still mark the southern façade of the fort. The entrance to the Fort is through Suraj Pole (Sun Gate) a big vaulted hall opening on two sides through double arches. Two life size statues of elephants decorate the entrance.

Karan Mahal(Palace)
The beautiful palace was built by Lord Karan Singh, the ninth ruler of Bikaner State, who ruled the State, during 1631-1685 A.D., He wad general in the army of Mugal emperor Aurangzeb. The Karan Palace is one of the most interesting palaces of Junagarh Fort. This particular palace was special court where the lord used to hold meetings with his distinguished knights. The silver throne of Lord Karan Singh is still kept there. Once travellers could enter that palace, but not it is covered with glass, so you may only peep through glass.
Anup Mahal (palace)

Anup Mahal (Palace)
It is of the best palaces of Junagarh fort and probably the most elegant one, built by the 10th Lord of Bikaner State, his highness Anup Singh, Who ruled between 1669- 1698 A.D.

Gilded floral designs of the palace with the red back round are elaborately executed. Presain looking carpets enhance the glory of the palace. Those carpets were made by the prisoners of Bikaner Jail. Number of times the coronation of the rulers was held there and the palace has witness the historical moments when, during the rituals was held there and the palace ruler of Bikaner state took Oath, “ I shall enhance the glory and defend the border of this state, til the last drop of blood is my body’.

This particular palace was “Darbar hall” for the lord, such a hall where only distinguished knights and guest could enter. In that palace you can see red throne of Lord Anup Singh. This palace is symbol of the glory of bygone era of Rajasthan.

Floral Palace (The Phool Mahal)
The palace was built during the reign of Lord Rai Singh, the founder of the fort. The walls of that palace are decorated with floral designs. That is why it is called the floral palace. These paintings are executed by Muslim artists who were called “ Usta’ A community of great painters. These floral paintings are very beautiful and Bikaner fort is proud to have such beautiful floral paintings.

Moon Place and Mirror palace (Chander Mahal & Sees Mahal)

The moon palace is just adjacent to the floral palace. It was also built in the reign of sixth lord of Bikaner State, His high ness Rai Singh, There are lots of the hindu Gods and Goddesses. It was the room where lord Rai Singh used to worship. In one of the sides of the palace there are a couple of gates. Go through one of the gates and toy will find your self in the mirror palace. Walls of that palace are studded with mirrors and they are fixed in such a way that, if a candle is lit then its reflection can be seen in many mirrors and it makes the particular palace very glorious. In walls of the Mirror palace there are several cavities and during the reign of sixth lord (Lord Rai Singh, who Made that palace) lamps were lit and palace in the cavities.

Private chamber of mirror palace (Phool Mahal Ki Sal.)
There is one gate in mirror palace. Just cross the gate and you will find yourself in a private chamber of mirror palace it is called in Hindi language, ‘Phool Mahal Ki Sal”. In that particular palace. There is a very short bed placed. The bed is symbol of threat which lords of desert country would receive from their receive from their relatives. Following is the story related about the small bed.

In 1439 A.D., his highness Lord Ridmal, Grand father of Lord Bika, was brutally murdered by his domestic opponents. His domestic opponents first tied him to this bed when heavily drunk lord Ridaml was sleeping in his palace. Though they were 17 opponents, still they had to courage to face the three handed lord. When the lord was sword with the sword he rose and found himself encircled by his domestic opponents. Though he was tied, still he fought and killed most of them and then ultimately received a fatal wound. After that incident the rulers of Rathore dynasty took an oath that they would sleep on such a short bed that their legs would touch the ground so that if some attacked the, they could stand up on their feet and face the enemy.

Besides these palaces. There are some other palaces, in the fort of Bikaner, but there are not being explained in the present edition of this book, because guides are available in side the fort, there will show you all the palaces.

How to get there.

You may join Conducted sight seeing tour, organized by the
’Desert Tours’ behind head post office, Bikaner.
If you don’t like going organized tour then you may go alone.

It is situated just of the first gate of the fort. It provides free of cost information to travelers. The tourist information office is run by the Department of Tourism and Art and Culture of the sate Government of Rajasthan. You can also buy picture cards and posters of interesting places of Rajasthan from that office.

Taxi car and Jeep
Out side the fort you can find numerous Cars and Jeeps for the purpose of tourist Taxi. Auto Rickshaw are also seen outside the Fort.

The Deshnok Temple & the deity Karni Ji and the foundation of Bikaner state by her
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Shivbari Temple

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